Opportunities • Pilot Club of IC Scholarships

Pilot International Foundation (PIF), organized in Macon, Georgia, in 1921, is a volunteer service organization of business and professional leaders working together to improve the quality of life in communities worldwide.  Pilot International’s service focus is prevention and education regarding traumatic brain injury and brain related disorders.

The Pilot Club of Iowa City is currently accepting applications for four scholarship programs available through the Pilot International Foundation for the 2013/2014 academic year

  • The Pilot International Foundation scholarship is for full-time undergraduate students preparing for careers working directly with people with brain-related disorders/disabilities or training those who will. GPA requirement is 3.25.
  • The Marie Newton Sepia Memorial scholarship is for full or part-time graduate or doctorate students who are preparing for a career helping children with brain-related disorders or disabilities. GPA requirement is 3.25.
  • The Lifeline/Becky Burrows Memorial scholarship is for undergraduate, graduate or doctorate students preparing for a second career, re-entering the job market, or obtaining additional training in their current field.  The career path must pertain to improving the quality of life those with brain-related disorders or disabilities.  GPA requirement is 3.25.
  • The Ruby Newhall Memorial scholarship for full time students from a foreign country, pursuing a degree in the U.S. or Canada in a field of study significant to the advancement of human health, education, and welfare for the community in their home country.  Students must be planning to return to the home country within six months of completing studies.  Students must have spent at least one full semester in a college in the U.S. or Canada by the application submission date, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Scholarships may be used for study through the doctorate level.

Completed applications including two current letters of recommendation, an official transcript including fall ’12 grades, and a summary of volunteer service/ employment history are due January 4, 2013. 

Please mail to Angie Bywater/211 Post Road/Iowa City, IA 52245.


Five students receive scholarships for 2012/13

Through funding from Pilot International Foundation (PIF), the Pilot Club of Iowa City and Noon Club of Johnson County have awarded five University of Iowa students $3,500 in scholarships for the 2012/13 academic year.

Kelsey Scavo, Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate from West Des Moines, was awarded a Marie Newton Sepia Scholarship for graduate students preparing to work with children with brain related disorders and disabilities.

Music Therapy students, Kristin Marie Johnson, Rhonda Miller, Kirsten Bouma, and Matthew Logan, received Becky Burrows scholarships for students preparing for a second career, re-entering the job market, or obtaining additional training in their current field.

Since the 1999-2000 academic year, the Pilot Club of Iowa City and Noon Pilot Club of Johnson County have sponsored the following PIF scholarships (totals include scholarships to students at the University of Iowa and other academic institutions):

  • 1999-00: 1 scholarship  totaling $ 1,500
  • 2000-01: 2 scholarships totaling $ 3,000
  • 2002-03: 3 scholarships totaling $ 4,000
  • 2003-04: 3 scholarships totaling $ 2,500
  • 2004-05: 4 scholarships totaling $ 5,500
  • 2005-06: 6 scholarships totaling $ 5,025
  • 2006-07: 6 scholarships totaling $ 7,500
  • 2007-08: 6 scholarships totaling $ 8,000
  • 2008-09: 9 scholarships totaling $13,500
  • 2009-2010: 2 scholarships totaling$ 2,500
  • 2010-2011: 3 scholarships totaling $3,200
  • 2011-2012: 6 scholarships totaling $ 6,500
  • 2012-2013: 5 scholarships totaling $ 3,500
  • Total scholarships since 1999:  56 totaling $66,225