Where do I start? Resources for conducting an effective funding search

Not sure where to start your scholarship search?

Download the UIHP Scholarships & Fellowships Starter Search Guide at uihpscholarships.wordpress.com

Take a look at our starter search guide below for direction on where to find funding opportunities across Iowa’s campus as well as national resources for both undergraduate and graduate level fellowship and grant processes.

We also want to announce UIHP’s 2013-2014 Scholarship Competition! For more details click here 

Questions about these resources or upcoming UIHP Scholarships & Fellowships internal program scholarships or campus nomination competitions?

Contact Kelly ThornburgFellowships Director University of Iowa Honors Program for more information and support as you develop your scholarship strategyand materials!

431 Blank Honors Center, Iowa City, IA 52242 │  319.335.1874  kelly-thornburg@uiowa.edu