Apply to be an Honors Peer Advisor in Fall 2013!

Apply to be an Honors Peer Advisor in Fall 2013!

Would you enjoy helping other students as an Honors Peer Advisor?  The service and training earn academic credit, count towards either the coursework or experiential component of University Honors, and will have special appeal for honors students who have benefited from Honors Program opportunities and want to help others access its benefits too.  Honors Peer Advisors develop leadership and communication skills by working with current and prospective students as well as campus and community groups.  Peer Advising does not replace the professional advising from the University or the Honors Program; rather it enhances that by providing student perspectives on how to navigate life as an Honors Student at the University of Iowa.

Honors Peer Advisor Application 2013-2014

Honors Peer Advisors earn course credit for sharing their knowledge and experience of the Honors Program with other students. To apply for a position, complete this application and submit a resume to Holly Yoder ( Please include the following information: UIHP activities/involvement, Campus or community activities or leadership roles, Research experience. Submit by March 1, 2013.


Click on the link below to access this year’s online application form