Present your research at Iowa’s State Capitol – Apply by February 18, 2013

 Research in the Capitol

         Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Applications are due by February 18, 2013


A new event came to the Iowa Statehouse in spring 2006. Outstanding undergraduates from the three Regents Universities presented their research in the rotunda for a day dedicated to Research in the Capitol. This presentation celebrated how undergraduates learn by doing research in a variety of fields. It marked the first collaboration among the honors programs from Iowa State University, The University of Iowa, and The University of Northern Iowa. 

Students display research done with their faculty mentors. Poster presentations allow the students to share specifics of their work with state officials and reporters while discussing how research has enriched their educations, careers, and contributions to Iowa.

All students conducting undergraduate research or creative projects should apply. Research in the Capitol is held every spring and includes 20 students from the University of Iowa as well as 40 students from Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa. This event is open to the public. 

Students who apply for Research in the Capitol should be free from 7am-6pm on the day of the event. Questions about Research in the Capitol should be directed to