Nominate Graduating Seniors for the 2014 UIHP Collegiate Scholar Awards

Recognize Graduating Undergraduate Scholars with nominations for the 2014 UIHP Collegiate Scholar Awards

A celebration of the University of Iowa’s top graduating scholars

2012 Collegiate Scholar Award Winners - G. Wang, L. Mills, S. Carter, and Rhodes Dunlap Collegiate Scholarship Winner, Michaela (Katy) Kinney at the 2012 Recognition Ceremony

2012 Collegiate Scholar Award Winners – G. Wang, L. Mills, S. Carter, and Rhodes Dunlap Collegiate Scholarship Winner, Michaela (Katy) Kinney at the 2012 Recognition Ceremony

Each year, Honors collaborates with the Undergraduate Colleges in naming graduating seniors across the University of Iowa for celebration as Collegiate Scholars.  This high recognition acclaims student work in and beyond the classroom, with an emphasis on the applicant’s knowledge, skill, and experience as well as outstanding academic performance, excellence within their chosen discipline(s), and any contributions made to the University community through performance, research, organizational leadership, volunteer service and intellectual or creative engagement.

Honors strongly encourages faculty and staff nominations for the Collegiate Scholar Awards as we hope this process  creates an accessible opportunity for the acknowledgement and celebration of our top scholars and their communities of support, including the faculty, instructors, research mentors, and advisors who challenge and nurture them.

We also welcome nominations from students – we DO NOT require a faculty nomination for this process and students who apply directly are considered as competitive as students who do come to the competition by way of a nomination from a faculty or staff member.  Students are also welcome to nominate other graduating seniors for this award.

Recipients will be recognized at Honors at Iowa’s annual Recognition Ceremony on Sunday April 13, 2014.  In addition to being recognized by the Honors Program, their peers, faculty mentors and family members, Collegiate Scholars may also choose to be considered for the role of student speaker at this year’s Recognition Ceremony.

o   To nominate a graduating senior for a 2014 Collegiate Scholar Award, click here.

o   To access the online Collegiate Scholar Biography Submission form, click here

o   To view theHonors at Iowa opportunity profile, click here

Important Dates

o   Faculty Nomination and Scholar Application forms available hereTuesday, February 11, 2014

o   Deadline for submission of faculty, staff and student nominationsFriday, March 14 , 2014

o   Deadline for submission of 2014 Nominee Biography materials Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ 5:00 PM

o   Announcement of 2014 Collegiate Scholars By Friday, March 26, 2014

o   Presentation of 2013 Collegiate Scholar Awards ∙Sunday, April 13, 2014 at Honors Annual Recognition Ceremony 


Nominees and applicants must be:

o   Graduating seniors – Students graduating in December, May, or July of the same academic year.

o   Currently enrolled as full-time students ( 12+ semester hours)

o   Members of the University of Iowa Honors Program (3.33 + GPA)


Kelly Thornburg, Scholarships & Fellowships Director

University of Iowa Honors Program, 431 Blank Honors Center, Iowa City, IA 52242

·       Call 319-335- 1874 or email with questions or concerns.