Kay Keeshan Hamod Award for Scholarship in History

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Contributed by Honors Alumnus David Hamod in honor of his mother, this scholarship applauds a history major for designing a distinguished Honors Thesis or Project in that discipline.  This award is meant to support work on that project, so recipients must be full-time students in History in the semester they apply for the Hamod Scholarship and in the following year when they hold it.

Applications for the Hamod Scholarship are due late in the spring semester. Information about the scholarship as well as the application instructions can be found through the link below for details from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


  • Must be a History majorMust be a member of the University of Iowa Honors Program
  • Must be enrolled in a degree granting program and seeking first undergraduate degree exclusively in theCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Must be enrolled full-time as a junior or senior exclusively in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences fall 2013
  • Must continue full-time as a junior or senior exclusively in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in 2013-14


  • This scholarship is not automatically renewable. If current award recipients continue to meet eligibility criteria, they must submit a new application each year to be considered for this award.
  • Applications will be available March 15, 2013 here and can be submitted to michaela-hoenicke-moore@uiowa.edu
  • Please contact Dr. Michaela Hoenicke-Moore in the Department of History at michaela-hoenicke-moore@uiowa.edu with any questions regarding the application process.
  • Applications are due no later than April 1, 2013

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