SWAT MCAT Study Group is opening up…

The SWAT (Study, Workshops & Tutoring) program is pleased to sponsor a MCAT Peer Study Group.

Anyone interested in participating in the study group needs to attend one of the upcoming information

meetings: Monday, Sept. 30 (8 p.m.) in 151 SH or Tuesday, Oct. 1 (4 p.m.) in C10 PC.

This is a free study group that meets twice a week (times to be determined by study group) to review

content and talk about preparing for the MCAT. It provides a great forum for students to work through

problems, discuss areas of concerns, and develop an organized study plan. The group is led by undergraduate

student, Dillan Newbold.


Study materials will be recommended for purchase, as well as to register for the AAMC practice tests

(one test is free; additional tests, $35/test). Copies of the study materials have been placed on reserved

at the Hardin Sciences Library.

The group is limited to 20 University of Iowa students. Anyone interested in participating in this group, must

complete an on-line application; the application link will be given to participants during the information sessions.


If you have any questions, please contact Dillan (dillan-newbold@uiowa.edu). Please feel free to share this

information with students who may find this opportunity of interest.