Do you know about the Fellows Project?

We are looking for students who have a strong desire and real commitment to further developing the following skills, talents and experiences
·         an authentic investment in the process of learning and the pursuit of challenge,
·         a desire to connect with and contribute to one’s chosen communities – academic, creative, athletic, faith-based, political, social, entrepreneurial…and more
·         adaptability, curiosity, and self-awareness
·         strong communication skills – writing, speaking, artistic and physical expression – extroverts and introverts alike!
Benefits & Responsibilities
Each Fellow in our community will have access to a spectrum of intellectual, professional and social opportunities, including:
·         two years of dedicated scholarship funding,
·         structured scholar development support through an Honors seminar in the first year of funding,
·         connection to other Fellows, like-minded peer collaborators, Honors faculty and staff, university leadership, and visiting thought leaders,
·         and individually tailored research, fellowship and graduate school advising.
For more information on The Fellows Project, go to or contact Kelly Thornburg, Fellowships Director at 319-335-1874