Interested in working/researching abroad? International Studies has two great courses for you

The University of Iowa’s International Studies fall 2014 International Studies Program is offering two GREAT course opportunities for students who are considering working or studying abroad ( and applying for funding to do so through international grants or fellowships) during or after their undergraduate career.

A promotional poster for the first course is included below, but I’ve also shared brief course info for both courses to help students and advisors find them during registration.  Thanks to Karmen Berger, Advisor Extraordinaire in International Studies for sharing these with us and for being such a great advocate for her students.

Intro to Public Int’l Law & Human Rights

3:30P – 4:45P MW C131 PC

Instructors: Alexander Somek (Primary Instructor)


Creating a Proposal for Intl Research

Begins: Aug 25, 2014
Ends: Oct 08, 2014

5:30P – 7:25P MW N219 LC

Instructors: Scott McNabb (Primary Instructor)

IS 3133 Intl Law HR Fa14