Where do I start?

Where do I start?

UIHP Scholarships & Fellowships Guide to Conducting An Effective Funding Search

Not sure where to start your scholarship search? Take a look at our starter search guide linked below for direction on where to find more information on funding opportunities across Iowa’s campus as well as national resources for both undergraduate and graduate level fellowships resources.

Click here to download the guide

National Resources

  • Fast Web • The Internet’s largest free scholarship search service
  • National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA)
  • Student Scholarship Search • Student Loan Network
  • Scholarship Search • Search engine from the College Board

University of Iowa Search & Funding Resources

  • Division of Sponsored Programs Ÿ – The Division of Sponsored Programs, 100 Gilmore Hall, provides access to a variety of funding databases. While the majority of the available information is for faculty, staff, and graduate students, there may be some material that would be useful for undergraduate students as well. Students can connect to these databases through any UI-connected computer.
  • Grants 4 Hawks – Jennifer Teitle in Graduate Student Services, Division of Sponsored Programs works with graduate and professional students, but serves the larger university community through her blog, Grants 4 Hawks , a great resource to connect with as you begin to consider what kinds of financial support and grant opportunities may be available to you as a graduate student here at Iowa or elsewhere.