The 2012 UIHP Online Application is up!

The 2012-2013 UIHP Scholarship Online Application is up! Full-time undergraduate students who are current members of the University of Iowa Honors Program are invited to apply for the 2012-2013 UIHP Scholarship Competition. To… Continue reading

Announcing the 2012-2013 UIHP Scholarship Competition

Visual Education ● Get more from Your Google Search

Thanks to the folks at Hack College for creating this easy to consume tutorial and to for sharing it with us all.

Profiles ● Kali Feiereisel

Hear more about Kali Feiereisel’s experience in Ghana as a member of a UI sustainable communities development team.  Feiereisel is a recent UI graduate and one of UIHP’s 2012-2013 Fulbright Research Grant nominees.

Profiles ● Renugan Raidoo

This video was included in the November 2011 Edition of University of Iowa: Out Front

Visual Education ● The Importance of Spell Check

I couldn’t agree more.  As this great visual from spellchecker demonstrates, it is important to ALWAYS run your documents (even drafts! especially drafts!) through a spell check before submitting them for review.  ALWAYS.  You don’t… Continue reading

Visual Education ● Storytelling-Not Just For Campfires

via I love this visual explanation of the key components of storytelling/branding.  You’all are your own brand and the work you put into developing your own story is an important step in your… Continue reading

Harry, Barry, & Moe ● Applying for the Truman, Goldwater & Udall Scholarships

UIHP 2012 Spring Fellowships Cycle Information Sessions Flier

Visual Education ● Managing Your Online Reputation

Infographic designed by KBSD Digital Marketing and discovered on

Opportunities ● The HIA Fellowship

Humanity in Action (HIA) – NGO from GLOBAL EYES on Vimeo. Interested in the challenge of cross-cultural collaboration? Looking for a way to learn more about the skills of mediation and conflict resolution?… Continue reading

Visual Education: Our Future Demands STEM

This This spectacle fact was created by Microsoft Harris Interactive Surveys and found on

Visual Education ● The pulse of education around the world

This very informative AND visually pleasing infographic was created by Course Hero and originally discovered on FastCo. Design

Consider This! The Presidential Management Fellowship

What do YOU want to change about the way our government works? The PMF Program is a flagship leadership development program at the entry level for advanced degree candidates. Applications for the 2012… Continue reading

Visual Education: How America Learns by the Numbers

Infographic created by by ATLEY G. KASKY. Discovered at Flowing Prints